High Emotion Public Meeting Training

A custom workshop or series of training sessions for individuals who speak at or conduct public meetings, especially in situations involving skeptical or hostile audiences. Emphasis is on presenting clear, concise, convincing messages; responding to tough questions; and handling disruptions.

Presenting at or conducting a public meeting where the audience may be upset or even hostile can be an unpleasant task. Moreover, the environment may make it especially difficult for you to convey your message.

In this training, we show people how to deliver an effective presentation and how to respond to tough questions at shareholder, city council and school board meetings, as well as at other public and private forums where emotions may run high. We also teach people how to testify confidently and credibly at legislative, regulatory and other public hearings and in the courtroom. And we prepare industrial companies to respond to public concerns about their operations.

Content of this training includes:

  • How to tell your story in the best possible way
  • The best way to handle antagonists
  • How to appear in command
  • How to use visual aids for maximum effect
  • How to field questions effectively

This training is appropriate for any individual who will speak to audiences of any size – whether external or internal.

Case Study: High Emotion Public Meeting Training

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