One of Our Assignments

Most people think that everyone supports wind energy. But when a Midwest utility wanted to build more than 40 wind turbines in several communities, a number of individuals and groups organized to oppose the project. They disagreed with the economic and environmental benefits of wind generation. Sound and health concerns (i.e., noise and potential accidents during construction and operation) were also an issue.

To move the project forward, the company needed to attend landowner and other public meetings, where it expected (and got) significant public opposition.

To prepare the company’s project leaders for those meetings, The Ammerman Experience conducted a series of training session focusing on how to present information to show the benefits of wind energy to the community, how to anticipate and respond to questions, and how to handle possible meeting disruptions. Since the company would have employees located at various stations at the open house (addressing various aspects of the project), we simulated that event, giving employees an opportunity to practice their interactions with the public.