Crisis Communications

Despite an organization’s best efforts, accidents and incidents happen, and difficult issues arise. If they are handled well, the organization can demonstrate that it is responsible, caring and competent. If they are mishandled, the organization may be perceived as inept, callous or arrogant. The issue is not if your organization will face a crisis, but rather what will be the nature of the crisis, and when will it occur? More importantly, how well prepared are you to manage it effectively? The Terri Ammerman Group has veteran status in preparing people to communicate effectively during crisis situations.

High Emotion Public Meeting Training

A custom workshop or series of training sessions for individuals who speak at or conduct public meetings, especially in situations involving skeptical or hostile audiences. Emphasis is on presenting clear, concise, convincing messages; responding to tough questions; and handling disruptions.

Crisis Management Briefings for Executives

A half-day session or training sessions for executives, designed to give them a state-of-the-art briefing on 21st Century crisis management. Using a crisis scenario appropriate for their organization, the session also includes on-camera practice for those executives who may need to interact with the news media during a crisis.

Crisis Spokesperson Training

Crisis and other situations that generate media interest require an effective (and usually a rapid) response. Failure to communicate or to respond in a timely manner can damage an organization’s credibility and reputation. This training helps you develop and sharpen your media communication skills so you can minimize negative or inaccurate news coverage and help ensure that your organization’s key messages are delivered, heard and understood.