Media Training

Since becoming one of the pioneers in the field of media training in 1973, The Terri Ammerman Group has evolved into one of the world’s leading media training organizations. Our interactive sessions help people become confident and proficient when facing the news media, whether broadcast or print. We work with a wide range of individuals – from executives and others who have primary responsibility as media spokespersons to those who may have to interact briefly with reporters until a designated spokesperson is available.

Effective Media Communications

Our flagship training is available as a one-day workshop or as a series of sessions. Participants will develop the skills needed for a successful encounter with the news media. They will face tough, experienced journalists during multiple, recorded interview and press briefing simulations, followed by extensive critiques. Both informational and crisis interviews are emphasized in this fast-paced, highly interactive training.

Executive Immersion Media Training

A customized workshop or series of training sessions that provides top-level executives and other managers with intensive media training and practice. This training addresses the unique needs of senior executives who have had little or no formal media training, might benefit from a refresher, or need to prepare for an upcoming media encounter – whether that encounter involves conveying good news or discussing a serious problem.

Effective Media Communications for Marketing

Available as a one-day workshop or as a series of sessions, this training focuses on the integral role media relations plays in a complete and successful marketing communications plan. The training concentrates not on communicating during a crisis, but rather communicating a company’s story – its products, services, industry, or its position on a specific issue. The training addresses the specialized media training needs of those responsible for, or involved in, marketing- and sales-related activities.

First Responders Media Training

A workshop or series of training sessions designed to provide first responders – those who may be the first to come in contact with the news media in emergency situations, but are not the organization’s primary spokespersons – with guidance on how to handle those encounters.