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Crisis Communications

Despite an organization's best efforts, accidents and incidents happen, and difficult issues arise. If they are handled well, the organization can demonstrate that it is responsible, caring and competent. If they are mishandled, the organization may be perceived as inept, callous or arrogant. The issue is not if your organization will face a crisis, but rather what will be the nature of the crisis, and when will it occur? More importantly, how well prepared are you to manage it effectively? The Ammerman Experience has veteran status in preparing people to communicate effectively during crisis situations.

Crisis Management Briefing for Executives

A half-day session or series of sessions for executives, designed to give them a state-of-the-art briefing on 21st Century crisis management. Using a crisis scenario appropriate for their organization, the session also includes on-camera practice for those executives who may need to interact with the news media during a crisis.

In the past, most top executives didn’t see crisis management as part of their job description. That’s changed. Today, executives must play an active, visible role in managing a crisis, including putting themselves in direct contact with the news media.

In the three decades or so since the principles of crisis management were established, much has changed, and new tools have emerged to help crisis managers.

Our Crisis Management Briefing for Executives was designed specifically for top-level executives – to provide them with a solid grounding in 21st Century crisis management.

Among the topics covered in the briefing:

  • What research shows about today’s crises
  • How leaders should respond in a crisis
  • A look at the news media today (and how they cover a crisis)
  • How to conduct a press briefing and a news conference
  • More recent crisis management tools, such as social media and human services response

The training includes a crisis simulation that gives select executives an opportunity to interact with the news media and get feedback on their communication skills.

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