One of Our Assignments

In some companies, key top executives – the CEO, CFO and COO – rarely participate in crisis simulation exercises, despite the fact that they are likely to be the key participants in any real crisis. So, prior to conducting a major crisis drill, our client asked us to conduct a half-day briefing designed to provide the organization’s senior leadership with a solid grasp of the essentials of effective crisis management.

Our goal was to bring top execs up to speed on the important changes that have occurred in crisis management. (And do that quickly since most execs have limited time and short attention spans, but are quick studies.) Our briefing “opened some eyes” by introducing that leadership team to some new ideas about crisis management plans and centers, the news media and social media, and new terms such as human services response.

We were also able to get several top executives to participate in practice media interviews and press briefings – not an easy thing to do, but an important thing.

This is a one day course for one executive.  The session is customized…