Ammerman ExperienceWhat makes a company last? Is it the products or services it renders, or maybe the market it serves? All of these answers might hold some truth, but for the Ammerman Experience, four key principals have marked success and endurance over the last four decades. These principles are what have shaped one of the world’s premiere media and communications training firms.


1: A Company Governed by Godly Principals

The first of our key principals is our faith in God. Our faith is the bedrock of our ability to do the work that we do. It’s the foundation of the care and commitment that we have for all of our trainees. Because of this faith, we make decisions and operate our business with integrity. That was Dan Ammerman’s commitment, and it’s still ours to this day.

2: Profitable Growth at a Steady Pace

In 1971, Dan Ammerman started this company with Godly direction and a keen sense of the need that he’d discovered in the marketplace during his career. He’d been a partner to Dave Ward as part of Houston’s ABC 13 Eyewitness News team for many year and being a reporter had interviewed many high level executives. During the oil embargo, specifically, he’d had many tough conversations with CEO’s of big oil. What he found was that many of them had a great personality and presence that disappeared the second the camera turned on. With the flip of a switch, the person he just met would disappear, turning the interview into a frightful mash of nerves, fumbling, and incoherent conversations. Something had to be done.

Dan went on vacation with his wife Mary, and they discussed the idea of starting a business that would help CEOs and other executives be better prepared to go on the air. When they returned home, Dan’s prayer was answered and his direction was confirmed. He left the news anchor position and started The Ammerman Experience with the confirmation this was his next calling.

Armed with not much more than an baby blue El Camino full of video cameras and training equipment, Dan and his wife, Mary Ammerman set out on the task of developing a the new field of media training to better prepare executives and companies to work with news media. Their goal was to help companies earn a good reputation, and give reporters the best material possible for their interviews. News of this service spread throughout the Houston area, and pretty soon Ammerman was the name associated with this new type of training. Dan Ammerman and his team trained almost every Houston-based oil company over the next few years.

3: Team of qualified professionals

Did you know the first seminar ever produced by Dan Ammerman was on basic interview skills, with a live video critique? What you might not have known is that some of those early seminars took place in local television stations in Houston. The headquarters of the company was in now CEO, Terri Ammerman’s bedroom when she went off to college. From these humble beginnings, The Ammerman Experience has always been focused on the highest-quality training, with a proven and well-executed training system that customers can rely on. No matter where it’s performed, the high-quality training has changed the lives of thousands of professionals over the past 40 years.

Our team is a big part of our growth and success. It can be difficult to maintain the same level of excellence over a period of decades. Yet The Ammerman Experience has recruited and maintained some of the most talented media professionals across the globe. See a full list of our trainers here. You’ll notice the high credentials and solid background each one brings to the organization. The team at The Ammerman Experience is truly the best of the best.

From that one seminar so many years ago, we now offer many different training seminars, and our excellent trainers travel around the world to present our methods and concepts. Without a strong team, the legacy of quality left by Dan Ammerman would be unattainable.

4: Premier Training Organization with a Worldwide Client Base

With roots firmly planted in the Houston area, Dan Ammerman had no real intention of expanding his company outside of Texas. Yet, when the request came in the early 1990’s from one of his most respected clients to do training in Florida, he and his general manager were relentless in making it happen.

That same spirit of responding to client’s needs has taken Ammerman all over the world for training seminars. From Iceland to Saudi Arabia, Manila to London, The Ammerman Experience has trained many professionals right where they live and work. Yet we still love doing our media training right here in Houston, using the unforgettable foundation started by Dan Ammerman.

Ammerman Experience And You

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading a short history of our company and the foundations on which it stands. There are so many more stories that fill the halls of The Ammerman Experience, and we look forward to joining you in the story of the growth of your company. We’ll provide you with the media training and crisis communication training that your business needs in the 21st century. Contact us today to have a conversation about how The Ammerman Experience can change the course of your history for good.