Executive Immersion Media Training

Today’s executives must be able to communicate effectively with a variety of audiences, including the media. That’s why having an executive media trainer is a must. In media interviews – whether conveying good news about their company’s performance, products, or services, or discussing a serious problem – executives need confidence and competence to succeed.

Executive Immersion Media Training provides senior managers with intensive practice – preparing them to perform effectively in a variety of situations: interviews, press briefings, news conferences, or “remote” (satellite) interviews. The session takes into account that executives have limited time and short attention spans, but that they are “quick studies.” Often, working with an executive media trainer happens prior to an important media encounter, and serves as valuable practice.

We offer a customized workshop or series of training sessions that provide top-level executives and other managers with intensive media training and practice. This training addresses the unique training needs of senior executives who have had little or no formal media training, might benefit from a refresher, or need to prepare for an upcoming media encounter – whether that encounter involves conveying good news or discussing a serious problem.

The sessions are customized to meet the time constraints and specific needs of the individual to be trained.

Case Study: Executive Immersion Media Training

When Lesley Stahl was spotted in a small Virginia town, one of our clients figured it was only a matter of time before 60 Minutes would call about an issue involving his company. He was right. Stahl was there gathering information… [read more]