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Say Virtual Visual Three Times Fast

Published: May 27, 2020

You are participating in a zoom meeting or being interviewed remotely at home. Your tendency may be to slump in your chair, dress sloppily and look away from the camera. All are mistakes you should not repeat.

Virtual Visual. It is not just a tongue twister. It should be a strong reminder that the way you look in virtual communications is just as important as it is in person. Even very bright people, such as billionaire businessman Sam Zell, can fall into the trap of ignoring the visual and thereby diminish his ability to deliver his message effectively. Here is a clip from a recent interview on Bloomberg.

In this clip many viewers will be distracted by Zell’s uneven collar, his poor eye contact and the slumping that creates way too much headroom in the frame. Zell’s “look” gets in the way of his words.

In contrast, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy demonstrates that even casual dress is acceptable under many circumstances, as long as there are no visual distractions. This a clip from a recent MSNBC interview.

Murphy’s “look” is clean and crisp. His Virtual Visual allows viewers to focus entirely on his verbal message.

The Terri Ammerman Group is here to help you with your virtual communications. Our virtual presentation package is available through May 31 for the introductory price of $1,975. The actual sessions can be held any time thereafter. Click Here to Learn More about the Virtual Presentations Package.

We wish you good health as you head into the summer!

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