The Terri Ammerman Group pairs decades of communications and media experience with relevant, current perspective. We understand the ever-changing needs and scenarios faced by companies, executives, and media professionals. Part of our training involves examining communications scenarios in real-time, so participants can clearly see what to avoid when speaking and what to say when delivering a clear, convincing message. Our team regularly offers perspective and insights on current situations through the articles posted here.

2013 Ammerman Public Training Dates

The Ammerman Experience public workshops are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis, and are available to a limited number of attendees to ensure maximum personal attention. To register for a course, contact our office at 1.800.866.2026.

The Best Defense was a Good Offense

When former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel addressed members of the Senate Armed Services Committee earlier this year during his confirmation hearing for Secretary of Defense, he used a technique that’s often as effective in communications as it is in football: the best defense is a good offense.

Due Diligence and the News Media

Some years ago (actually several decades ago), this writer was meeting with some communications professionals at a well known, high-tech firm in Dallas. The firm had a full-time position that focused solely on media research. A woman who held that position spent her time monitoring what was being said about the company in the news media.

Eight Success Factors for Co-Presenters

Most likely, at some point in your career you’ve been or will be a co-presenter – one member of a group speaking or presenting at a company meeting, a public meeting or a news conference. Co-presenters face some different challenges than do those who go solo.

Bill Belichick’s Media Snub

NBC sportscaster Al Michaels once said this about New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick: “He’s not exactly the most media friendly guy in the world.” Talk about understatement! Belichick is well known for his uninspiring (translation: boring) media interviews and for mumbling his way through pre-game and post-game press conferences.

Oh No, It’s Annual Shareholders Meeting Season

Picture this cartoon which appeared in the Harvard Business Review: The scene is a company’s annual shareholders meeting. Two executives are seated at a table at the front of an auditorium. A line of shareholders is forming at the microphone for the Q&A portion of the meeting. One executive turns to the other and says, “This is the part of capitalism I hate.”