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Conference Call Critique: A Look at One Company’s Hits and Misses

Quarterly earnings conference calls are an important communications tool to reach analysts, investors, reporters and others who follow your company. Although publicly traded companies are not required to conduct these calls, most do. For good reasons. Among them – the calls help analysts develop more accurate earnings expectations.

3 Things Investors Want To Hear From You In a Challenging Economy

When the economy starts to experience a downturn, investors start to feel uneasy. It is your job to reassure your investors that you and your team will be able to withstand this economic environment and set a course for success in the future. Here are three things they need to hear from you.

A Quick Conference Call Checklist

The investor conference call might not be the best part of your week, but a poor delivery may make it your worst. Conference calls are tough venues, with a recent study sharing that 65% of conference call participants are doing other work while on the call. So if you are leading the conference call, what can you do to make it memorable and keep everyone engaged? We’ve got three simple items that can put sparkle in your conference call and keep your listeners’ attention.

Five. Four. Three. Two. One. You’re On!

If you’ve flown United Airlines lately, you may have watched a video of Jeff Smisek, chairman, president and CEO of the company. It’s the video that runs before the safety briefing, and in it Smisek welcomes you aboard and shares some facts about United. He may be talking to you while walking through the terminal or standing in the aisle of a plane. He’s informal, relaxed, conversational.

When Is No Response the Right Response?

In a recent interview in Sports Illustrated, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman expressed regret for not having responded publicly to an allegation made about him years ago by sports columnist, author and TV personality Skip Bayless. The allegation, which appeared in a 1996 book authored by Bayless, dealt with Aikman’s sexual preference.

Memo to Self: Talk to Self

Most of us think talking to ourselves is a practice that should be avoided – especially if others are around to observe it. But researchers say “self-talk” is more common than most people think. And it can make a big difference in mood, behavior and performance.

Nonverbal No No’s

According to a January 2015 Harris Poll of some 2,200 hiring and human resource managers, employers know within the first five minutes of a job interview if a candidate is a good fit for a position.

What a Rock Band Can Teach Us about Presenting

Considered by many to be the greatest British band in history, the former rock group Queen easily sold out just about any stadium they played in. In a 2003 interview, band members Brian May and Roger Taylor talked about the structure of their concerts.

Apple CEO Tim Cook as Communicator: “Needs Improvement”

Ever since Tim Cook replaced Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple in 2011, people have been wondering how Apple would fare. Would the company continue to innovate, and reward shareholders? Or would it falter and become a high-tech “also ran?”