Effective Presentations

An interactive training that helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses as a presenter – helping you build on your strengths, while reducing or eliminating your weaknesses.

The ability to deliver an effective presentation is an essential skill. Yet many presenters fail to achieve their desired result: getting people to listen to, hear, understand and act on what was said.

Effective Presentations Training focuses on the challenge of speaking in front of groups. This training provides participants with three opportunities to present, and to receive constructive criticism on their “platform” or delivery skills. In addition, it provides information on the following:

  • How to craft an effective presentation, including developing powerful opening and closing techniques
  • Effective use of PowerPoint
  • How to field questions more comfortably
  • How to control nervousness

Participants who complete this training will have a solid assessment of their presentation skills, along with a game plan to help them hone those skills.

Case Study: Effective Presentations

Our client was the top executive of an international energy company. The venue was the 21st World Energy Congress in Montreal. The event drew more than 3,500 world leaders from governments, the energy industry, research institutions and … [read more]