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The Ammerman Experience is a communications skills development firm that does one thing and one thing only: we show people how to effectively and confidently reach and influence others through the spoken word.

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Our interactive sessions help people to become confident and proficient when facing the media - whether in crisis or non-crisis situations. We work with a wide range of individuals - from executives and others who have primary responsibility as media spokespersons to those who may have to interact briefly with reporters until a designated spokesperson is available.

Effective Presentations Training

One of Our Assignments

Our client was the top executive of an international energy company. The venue was the 21st World Energy Congress in Montreal. The event drew more than 3,500 world leaders from governments, the energy industry, research institutions and academia. Think of it as the Super Bowl of energy conferences.

Because our client had access to a corporate speechwriter, his speech as well crafted. But we suggested some wording changes to achieve a less formal or stiff feel. We also suggested some page formatting changes – for example, using a larger and more readable typeface and eliminating large blocks of copy to make the speech easier to read and help the speaker increase eye contact with the audience.

Most importantly, we recorded and critiqued his delivery four times during the practice sessions. And finally, because events such as the World Energy Congress sometimes attract protesters bent on disrupting the proceedings, our coaching included suggestions on how to handle a variety of developments – from heckling to the more serious.

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