Can a British royal appeal to common men and women when reading from a prepared statement about COVID-19?

Prince Charles answered that question with a resounding “yes” in a video message that is resonating well beyond the United Kingdom. Speaking from the perspective of someone who fell ill to the coronavirus, Prince Charles rose to the occasion with a conversational and empathetic prepared statement. It is one of the most effective examples we have seen of someone speaking from the heart while reading a message:

One of the challenges many public speakers face is developing the ability to sound conversational and compassionate when reading from a prepared statement. Prince Charles met that challenge with a message that was personal, conversational, compassionate, hopeful, and easy to understand. Yes, the prince has honed his skills during a lifetime of public speaking, so it is no surprise he has reached a level of excellence. But even with his experience, we are confident the future King of England practiced several times before delivering his statement. We can learn from his example and emulate his strongpoints.  And with practice and commitment, we can get much better at conversational messaging during the COVID-19 crisis and those that lie ahead.