As New Zealand begins to open part of its economy, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is not relaxing her social distancing orders for the public or herself. In describing her own experience during a remote interview, Ardern displays her good nature, sending a message that is relatable and comforting. It also gives her credibility when she emphasizes another message with authority and determination that social distancing must remain in place for now.

Like all good communicators, Ardern understands the importance of visual and vocal variety in delivering messages. She effectively uses her facial expressions and voice to come across as authentic. She appears genuine, empathetic, and commanding at the same time. And that is a recipe for delivering strong messages… from any distance.

Now that conferences and major presentation events have been cancelled, thought leaders are asked to present virtually. There is an art to this, and we can help. From the background in the room to the body language of the speaker, let us help you or your team to be an effective presenter virtually.