One thing most reporters have in common is they love to interrupt the person they’re interviewing to ask another question. There are multiple reasons reporters tend to do this. But the reason shouldn’t matter to you during an interview. If you’re in the process of delivering a key message, don’t let the reporter interrupt you. It’s your job to maintain control of the interview and not giving in to interruptions is one way to do it.

You can handle an interruption by simply telling the reporter you want to finish your thought before taking another question. Or you may politely keep talking over the reporter as you’re delivering your message. That’s what Senator Joe Manchin did during a Q & A session on CNN about the possibility he would run an independent presidential campaign in 2024. Manchin didn’t surrender to the interruptions, as you will see in the clip below.

In this clip, Manchin didn’t get angry and overbearing. He simply kept his cool and politely delivered a message he wanted the television audience to hear. He maintained control and delivered his message. And so can you if you don’t let interruptions get in the way.