So, you’re already a good communicator but you want to take your messaging skills to the next level. One of our favorite ways to accomplish this is an analogy, a powerful tool to help explain key messages in a way everyone can understand.

We saw an outstanding example of this during a CBS interview with Oksana Markarova, the Ukrainian ambassador to the United States. The ambassador was asked about diplomatic efforts to end the Russian invasion of her country. She began her answer with an analogy and used it brilliantly to illustrate why Ukraine has no plans to surrender. View the exchange below:

Did that analogy resonate with Markarova’s audience? Did it help explain Ukraine’s determination to fight the Russian military forces? We certainly think so. So, when you want to drive home a key message during an interview, a crisis news briefing or a presentation, pull an analogy from your communications tool kit. You and your audience will be glad you did.