The partial collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge is a human and economic disaster. The ramming of the bridge by a container ship has led to multiple fatalities and the temporary closing of the Port of Baltimore.

As families mourn the loss of loved ones and the shipping industry copes with catastrophic disruptions to transportation, someone must assume responsibility for clearing massive amounts of debris from the waterway. That person is Colonel Estee Pinchasin of the Army Corps of Engineers.

As commander of the Corps Baltimore District, Pinchasin supervises 1,100 army personnel and communicates regularly to the media about the clean-up operation. In an interview with a Baltimore television reporter, she clearly and confidently explains the massive task at hand. As you view the clip below, and listen to Pinchasin’s explanation of the operation, ask yourself if she appears to be the right person in charge.

We find Pinchasin to be extremely credible. The tone of her voice and the energy in her answers are vital to her credibility. She helps us to easily understand the issues facing the Corps in the operation. She voices a clear message that the debris will be safely removed, but it will be a long, difficult process. Her message is optimistic, yet realistic.

So, is Colonel Pinchasin the right person to be in charge? Based on her previous experience and her ability to communicate, our opinion is absolutely! She is a great example for any communicator to follow.