We have been teaching for more than four decades to control your tongue and emotions when cameras and microphones are nearby. This week President Joe Biden demonstrated that we can never deliver our message too often.

Frustrated by a question from Peter Doocy at the end of a news briefing, the president uttered his unflattering opinion of the Fox reporter. You might think someone with Biden’s long experience in dealing with the media would not make this mistake. But he did and the cameras and the microphones caught it. Check out the clip below.

The president later called Doocy to “clear the air.” Some found the incident amusing. But here’s the problem: Biden’s remark totally obscured any messages he wanted to deliver during the briefing. We promise that if you make a similar mistake, your superiors and stakeholders will not be amused. So, when speaking to the media, always control your emotions. And always assume the cameras are rolling and the mics are hot before, during and after any media encounter.