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The Ammerman Experience is a communications skills development firm that does one thing and one thing only: we show people how to effectively and confidently reach and influence others through the spoken word.


As a leading communication skills development firm, The Ammerman Experience pioneered a wide range of interactive workshops and training sessions designed to show people how to face the media, manage crisis situations, speak at public meetings, and deliver effective sales, analyst, and other business related presentations. Through our quarterly newsletter, the Advisor, we share some of our expertise in these areas.

Tradeshow Training for Technical Staff

Setting up a booth at a trade show, is, by its nature, very expensive. Even the most basic display at a high-traffic tradeshow will incur costs in the tens of thousands. And, if your company opts for a truly impressive booth (one with two-story digital displays the size of many full-family apartments), the costs will be much higher – sometimes in the millions of dollars. Of course, the high price of entry doesn’t discourage many of our clients from participating in trade shows nationally – and even globally. That’s because trade shows can be very effective as networking and branding…

Mission Possible: Turning Engineers into Effective Communicators

Among the questions we often get from industrial companies such as utilities and those in energy, chemicals and technology is this one: “We have engineers who are very capable of identifying critically needed, capital-intensive projects at our facility. But they can’t seem to effectively communicate the rationale and details for those projects to plant or corporate management in a clear, concise, compelling manner. In other words, they have good ideas but can’t sell them. Can you help them become better communicators?” Our answer? You bet we can! Communication is a skill, and skills can be taught, learned and applied. The…

3 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make at the Offshore Technology Conference

OTC is the largest event in the world for the oil and gas industry, and it’s a great place for energy professionals to share ideas and build relationships. But at an event of this magnitude, you don’t want to be unprepared. Make sure to avoid these three mistakes. NOT DEVELOPING YOUR MESSAGE Communicating well at an event like this requires a strong message. Before attending, make sure that you: Build the right mix of story and brand Prepare to communicate something of value to the media Understand how to create interest in a captive audience NOT TRAINING YOUR PEOPLE To…

An Analysis of the Oscars Flub

Let’s start by admitting this: when Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway took the stage to announce the winner for Best Picture at the 2017 edition of the Academy Awards, nobody had ever incorrectly announced a major award in 88 years of Academy Awards presentations. So, when the wrong name was read, nobody on stage had any experience in handling the bedlam that followed. Understandably, it was chaos. Still, after the Oscars flub, things could have gone a bit differently. Here’s what happened, and how the Oscars crisis should have been managed in the moments immediately following the flub. What Happened After the Oscars…

Why You Don’t Answer the Phone When Reporters Call

It took place shortly after the Deepwater Horizon crisis: engineers at a local university began receiving calls from a reporter asking for their comments on the situation. While the university included a drilling department, the school was not directly related to the incident. So, why were the school’s engineers receiving calls? As it turned out, in the wake of the spill, a reporter had found a list of contact information for engineers in the drilling department at the school, and was going through the list and speaking to whoever would answer the phone. The reporter’s intent was to create a…

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