Jason DeFord navigated through the world of drug use and drug dealing, including time behind bars, before transforming himself into the singing star known as Jelly Roll. While Jelly Roll’s music defines him now in the public eye, DeFord doesn’t hide his past. Instead, he uses it to fight the evil of Fentanyl and its devastating impact on millions of families.

DeFord voiced his passionate message on Capitol Hill during powerful testimony before a congressional committee considering anti-Fentanyl legislation. DeFord told the committee that as a former drug dealer he is the perfect person to advocate for tougher anti-Fentanyl laws. In the clip below, you will see and hear DeFord’s passionate desire to make a difference.

What made DeFord’s testimony so compelling was his passionate tone, his confident body language, including eye contact, and his willingness to take responsibility for his mistakes earlier in life. Did you notice how he varied his pace, pausing many times for effect? We call that the Power of the Pause.

While DeFord spoke from the heart, it was clear that he had rehearsed his statement. In other words, he didn’t wing it. Jelly Roll’s statement must have amounted to music to the ears of anyone concerned about the Fentanyl crisis in America. And while we suspect Jelly Roll’s music may not resonate with every congressional committee member, it’s likely DeFord’s message will.