If an interview doesn’t serve you or your organization, don’t do it! That’s the advice we have been giving our clients for decades. Apparently, no one gave Emily Kohrs that same advice.

Kohrs was the foreperson of the Atlanta grand jury that investigated whether former President Donald Trump broke any Georgia laws while trying to influence officials to change the 2020 election vote totals. The grand jury’s findings and recommendations have been submitted to the district attorney, who so far has kept the report under wraps.

But in a series of puzzling interviews, Kohrs revealed some of the grand jury’s inner workings and her thoughts about the former president. Her facial expressions, body language, and responses to questions were cringe-worthy, as you can see in the clip from one of the interviews below.

While the impact of the interviews isn’t clear yet, it doesn’t take a communications expert to conclude that Kohrs didn’t serve herself or the credibility of the grand jury. We won’t speculate on what possessed Kohrs to grant the interviews. But she was the wrong person, and it was the wrong time, to speak out about the grand jury’s deliberations. Need we say more?