It’s one thing to answer questions that might be embarrassing. It’s quite another to volunteer eyebrow-raising stuff about your life that no one has asked about, especially when it’s not relevant to matters you have agreed to discuss.

Independent presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. stepped into that trap when asked about his relationship with sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein. Kennedy previously admitted to taking trips on Epstein’s private plane but denied any sexual contact with underage girls connected to Epstein.

However, in a rather bizarre podcast interview, Kennedy volunteered that he has associated with other high-profile accused predators. His remarks left supporters and detractors alike scratching their heads and wondering why he would go there without being asked. Take a look at this short clip.

Kennedy later implied his associations with these notorious celebrities happened before their misdeeds came to light. But the damage was already done to his reputation and judgment in choosing friends. His remarks certainly didn’t help his presidential campaign.

We don’t know why Kennedy so generously offered this jaw-dropping ammunition to his political opponents and others who already think he’s got “issues.” But it’s a good lesson for you. If you’re not asked about negative or questionable stuff in your private life, don’t bring it up. No good will come from it if you do.