I’ve been coaching and training executives and managers my entire career. And, although much of our private coaching is for presentations, I’ve recently worked with people who have high potential, and are early in their careers who need help to develop solid communications skills. And, as I’ve been introduced to the on-line community of influencers and coaches, I’ve realized just how many people can benefit from this solid communication advice. So, I started my own YouTube Channel! On this channel I offer good solid communication advice on a weekly basis.

I now have a coaching package available designed for those who have expertise but don’t yet have the confidence or communication skills to persuade people or to sell an idea. This coaching package is tailored for individuals who have reached a level in their professional or personal lives where leadership, communication skills and a commanding yet approachable presence are vital to their success. Although I expect that my target audience on YouTube will be women, the coaching package is appropriate for both men and women. If you or someone you know could benefit from private coaching to learn how to become the leader you are meant to be, this offer may be for you.

For more information email me at terri@ammermantraining.com