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The Ammerman Experience is a communications skills development firm that does one thing and one thing only: we show people how to effectively and confidently reach and influence others through the spoken word.


As a leading communication skills development firm, The Ammerman Experience pioneered a wide range of interactive workshops and training sessions designed to show people how to face the media, manage crisis situations, speak at public meetings, and deliver effective sales, analyst, and other business related presentations. Through our quarterly newsletter, the Advisor, we share some of our expertise in these areas.

Three Things Your New CEO Needs to Know

A new CEO means a whirlwind of change for any company. From top to bottom, internally and externally, the shifts are sweeping. Internally, a new CEO brings new policies, updated initiatives, and cultural shifts. And, both internally and externally, a new CEO means a change in communications. That’s especially true in the age of social media and the 24/7 news cycle – and it’s a big deal. Today, more than ever, CEOs are the public faces of their companies. The CEO is the individual that people turn to for insight into a company when times are good. And, of course,…

How to Succeed When Your Conversations Move from the Water Cooler to the Boardroom

We say it often: the principles of communication, once learned, work for anyone – in any situation and at any time. It makes sense, it sounds good, and, best of all, it’s true. But in spite of those things, it can be difficult to put that truth into practice, especially when the communication contexts you find yourself in change drastically. When you’ve been promoted from a department-facing position to a board-facing position, things are undeniably different. The ease you feel during a casual conversation around the water cooler can quickly turn to intense pressure when you’re presenting to a room…

Some Thoughts about How Millennials Communicate … and Some Advice

Just about any discussion of the millennial generation (generally considered those born between 1982 and 1994) is likely to include something about their communication style. For example: Millennials don’t like talking on the phone. They grew up as email and texting were coming into vogue, and they readily embraced those technologies. Interestingly, one telecommunications company conducted a study that showed that smartphone apps that enable you to make phone calls rank fifth among apps used by the public. They prefer text messages. Millennials like the instantaneous nature of texting, plus the fact that they can send or receive messages anywhere…

Why Do My Clients Hate My Best Engineer?

Top engineers are among the most valuable assets that a company can have. They’re logical, highly intelligent people. They’re technical experts. They’re efficient problem solvers who can be counted on to get things done. And, far more often than should be the case, they’re distrusted by clients. It’s a puzzling paradox for those who are involved with technical teams. What is the cause of the discrepancy between engineering ability and client trust? Why does an engineer who is so proficient in project execution elicit so much skepticism from clients? And, of course: what can be done about it? The problem,…

5 Tips to Learn Crisis Communication Skills

Crises have become a predictable feature of everyday life in business. Recently, a shareholder revolt at Uber made it impossible for founder and CEO Travis Kalanick to stay on at the ride-hailing service company, which was found this year to have a workplace culture of sexual harassment and discrimination. Takata, the Japanese auto parts maker of millions of defective air bags, filed for bankruptcy protection in Japan and the United States. The list could go on … and on. At some point, every organization – yours included – will likely need to manage an accident, event, or some difficult issue.…

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