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The Ammerman Experience is a communications skills development firm that does one thing and one thing only: we show people how to effectively and confidently reach and influence others through the spoken word.

Communications Coaching

Strategic Communications Coaching gives you access to proven communication expertise in a highly personalized format. The principles, techniques, and skills of good communication are powerful – and they’re even more powerful when they are applied directly to your context.

Personalized instruction focused on the skills and contexts that matter

Receive real-time feedback on your communication performances

Pricing that is accessible whether you're a rising employee or a C-suite

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Coaching brings performers to the next level

You can spend hours on YouTube watching videos on how to serve a tennis ball – but you’ll really begin to improve when a coach tells you that your elbow is in the wrong position, and what you need to do to fix it.

The same concept holds true for communication skills. It’s valuable to receive instruction on how to present well, but it’s even more valuable to receive feedback on the speech that you’ll be giving a week from Friday.

Strategic Communications Coaching puts the value of personalized instruction into practice. You’ll learn the principles of effective communication, honed and proven over our decades of experience in the field. Then, you’ll learn how to apply those principles to your unique context. While the principles are constant, their application is different for everyone. We’ve seen time and time again that the most valuable benefits of communication concepts are realized on a personal level.

Previously, this level of personal instruction was only available to top executives. However, our coaching format has been crafted to make this accessible up and down the organizational chart. Whether you’re a rising employee or a C-suite executive, coaching can help you excel at your role.

Coaching is ideal for you if:

  • You’re a high-performing employee with confidence in the technical aspects of your job,  but lack confidence in your communication skills.
  • You’re a rising professional who has been promoted to a position that will require more visibility than you’ve previously been exposed to.
  • You’re a business owner whose success is dependent upon your ability to communicate well.
  • You are managing a team with internal communication challenges.
  • You are an executive tasked with inspiring stakeholders and employees alike.

Strategic Communications Courses

We’ve structured our coaching service to balance essential communication principles and individual needs. You’ll receive personal coaching on four core modules and two elective modules of your choice.

Training is 6 - 1.5 hr Sessions

4 Core Modules

Key communications skills needed by all professionals

2 Elective Modules

Addressing specific communications pain points

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