Analyst Presentation Workshop

A customized workshop or series of training sessions that provides executives who deliver analyst presentations with an opportunity to deliver and receive feedback on an upcoming (or past) presentation. The focus of this training is on content (including PowerPoint), delivery and Q&A.

Knowing how to craft and deliver an effective presentation is a critical skill for any executive who presents to analysts. This training helps executives and those who assist them to improve their efforts with one of the most important of financial communications tools – the analyst presentation.

This training focuses on the following:

  • Best Practices: What are the components of a solid analyst presentation? What information do analysts want? What should the presentation include? What should be left out? What are the most common and damaging mistakes made in analyst presentations?
  • Content Analysis: Does your presentation have a compelling message? Does your content include stories, examples, anecdotes, analogies and other powerful communication techniques? Is the presentation well organized? Does it have a powerful opening and strong closing?
  • PowerPoint: Your visuals are not the story, and should not be expected to tell your story. That’s your job. Do your visuals support your presentation, or do the number and kind of visuals being used dominate and overwhelm?
  • Delivery: The best ideas are no better than ordinary if they aren’t well delivered. We’ll show you how to present with confidence, energy and impact. We’ll also assess your “executive presence” – that certain something that captures attention, sustains it and leaves a lasting impression.
  • Q&A: Anticipating questions. How to use questions as a springboard to your agenda. The toughest questions and how to handle them.

In this training, you (and, if applicable, your co-presenters) will have several opportunities to practice your presentation, and field questions. Also, we encourage staff members involved in developing the presentation to attend the workshop as observers.

Length: Half to full day or training sessions, depending on customization.