The biggest pop star in the world is seen week after week attending her boyfriend’s NFL football games. Her presence helps drive up game ratings and creates a social media storm, with fans and detractors going after each other.

Yes, we’re talking Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. Their romance puts smiles on the faces of their fans and frowns on the faces of those who claim they have seen enough of Swift and will stop watching the NFL.

With emotions swirling, a Fox sports personality offers hard data and facts in support of Swift in a rant that goes viral. Colin Cowherd points out that University of Texas Longhorn fan Matthew McConaughey and other celebrities are frequently shown on camera at their team’s games without generating controversy. Below is a clip from Cowherd’s rant, including his reliance on data to make his case.

Now, Cowherd is a showman and his remarks may sound a little harsh for our taste. But overall, we like Cowherd’s messaging, not because we’re Swift fans, but because he supports his opinion with actual data and examples.

This is how you should approach a controversy that involves your company or organization. If you believe the facts are on your side, state them clearly, concisely, and yes, swiftly. Be careful to show empathy when appropriate, but don’t shy away from data that makes your case.