When speaking in public, whether it’s a presentation, news briefing, or speech, it’s vital to maintain control of your emotions. For example, showing anger in most public settings not only distracts from your key messages, but can drown them out altogether.

That’s why it was puzzling and inappropriate when a Houston politician suddenly went on an angry rant during a swearing-in ceremony for newly elected county office holders. The outburst came from Lina Hidalgo, the Harris County judge, a kind of mayor for much of the unincorporated area surrounding Houston. Click below to see how a Houston television station reported the incident.

We’re not sure why Hidalgo chose this ceremonial event to go on a rant that was inappropriate and irrelevant to the occasion. But it’s clear her anger drowned out any positive messages she might have wanted the public to hear about her new colleagues in Harris County government. Hidalgo lost control during the outburst, an example we urge you not to follow.