Bill Belichick is well known for developing and implementing a precise game plan for his media news briefings. The New England Patriots head coach will only “talk football” as he engages the media during his weekly briefings that precede his team’s next game.

Recently, Belichick was confronted with questions about Antonio Brown, the wide receiver accused of sexual assault who was released by the Patriots. His responses reflected his game plan, which we believe was flawed:

Belichick scores points with us for not answering questions he believes don’t serve his purpose. But we penalize him for missing the opportunity to bridge to one of his key messages when he gets questions he has decided not to answer. By doing so, he failed to take control of the narrative.

Belichick gets away with this behavior because he is, well, Belichick. But as a spokesperson for your company or organization, you would get thrown for a major loss. In our Ammerman Experience workshops, we show clients how to deflect unwanted questions and bridge to winning messages.

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