In what appears to be the never-ending saga of Taylor Swift and her cultural influence, some reporters try to fan the flames of controversy.

That’s what happened during a cable news interview when two anchor/reporters questioned Tennessee Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn about Swift. The pop star had called Blackburn “Donald Trump in a wig.” During the interview, Blackburn was asked about Swift and her comment. But to her credit, Blackburn, a Trump supporter, didn’t take the bait. Instead, she flipped the script and had nothing but good things to say about Swift, as you will see in the clip below.

Blackburn’s responses probably disappointed the reporters, but her answers were spot on. Blackburn had absolutely nothing to gain by slamming Swift, who is almost certainly more popular in Tennessee than the senator. Blackburn surely didn’t appreciate Swift’s description of her. Yet she displayed common sense and good humor by shaking it off.

Blackburn provided a great example of how to deal with a media inquiry designed to cause you trouble. Don’t fall into the reporter’s trap. Just keep a pleasant expression on your face and shake it off. Your company or organization will be glad you did.