One of Our Ongoing Assignments

Ensuring that its field supervisors can quickly and properly respond when reporters call or show up after an accident is a top priority for one of our long-time clients. The company, one of the nation’s largest natural gas gatherers and processors, operates some 60,000 miles of pipeline and more than 50 plants throughout approximately 15 states. Quite a challenge. Clearly, if there’s a pipeline rupture, plant accident or other serious problem in a remote location, the media will want answers fast – preferably from someone on scene.

That’s why the company requires certain front-line employees to be media trained. The goal of the training is not to create media superstars. Instead, the goal is to show these individuals how to serve in one of the following roles:

  • Greet reporters and let them know that a company spokesperson will arrive shortly
  • Provide limited information, but stop short of answering questions
  • Conduct a press briefing, including taking a few questions

We’ve traveled the back roads of Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and other states conducting this training for hundreds of front-line personnel who can now help protect the reputation of their company when the unexpected happens