One of Our Assignments

The Terri Ammerman Group conducts media training throughout the world. One of our international clients is a $40 billion technology company with employees of more than 140 nationalities working in approximately 85 countries. We frequently travel to South America – Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador – for this client.

One two-day workshop for 11 participants began with a few “ambush” interviews to sensitize those participants to the importance of preparation before every media encounter. Next, a communications professional from the company reviewed the firm’s media policies and procedures. That briefing was followed by several media interviews giving participants a chance to practice delivering messages about a key issue the company was facing. Because news media approaches vary throughout the world, we asked a local media expert to provide insight into how the media in that country operated. Then we gave participants an opportunity to conduct a press briefing and a news conference. Although English is the language of business throughout this company, one of the practice interviews was conducted and critiqued in Spanish since all the participants were native Spanish speakers. The Terri Ammerman Group has a native Spanish-speaking instructor.