One of Our Partnerships

Shortly after the tragedy at Columbine High School in Colorado, our firm recognized that principals and other school administrators must be prepared to face the media in a crisis. In the past, school districts typically relied solely on the public information officer to interact with the news media. But in today’s world, reporters prefer to hear from the person with the most knowledge of the issue at hand – the “content expert.”

So, we developed a way to provide educators with affordable media and crisis communications training. As a Texas-based company, we started that training in our home state through a partnership with the Texas School Public Relations Association, a professional organization of communications professionals. For more than ten years, we have trained thousands of superintendents, principals, coaches and board members throughout Texas to succeed with the news media. Our innovative large-group workshop provides valuable training to those who may need to speak to the public through the news media. Today, we are a leading provider of media and crisis communications training to the education community in the country.