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The Ammerman Experience is a communications skills development firm that does one thing and one thing only: we show people how to effectively and confidently reach and influence others through the spoken word.

Investor Communications

Investor communications is not for lightweights. The subject matter is more complex and the audience more sophisticated than perhaps in any other business communication. Communicating with investors and those who advise or influence them requires special skills - the kind The Ammerman Experience can help cultivate.

Conference Call Checkup

An objective, comprehensive, candid analysis of your quarterly earnings conference call, along with suggestions for improvement. This offering – a confidential, written report (not a workshop) – includes a thorough assessment of your most recent call and shows you how your conference call efforts stack up against those of some of your competitors.

For most publicly traded companies, the quarterly earnings conference call is an important communications tool to reach analysts and investors. Research shows that, among other things, these calls help analysts form more accurate earnings expectations.

If conference calls are part of your investor relations efforts, this Checkup can help you generate the best possible return on that investment.

Our Conference Call Checkup provides an objective, candid, comprehensive analysis of your conference call efforts, along with suggestions for improvement.

First, we carefully analyze your most recent quarterly earnings conference call, focusing on: structure, content (messaging and, if applicable, visuals), Q&A, and your executives’ communication skills.

Next, we show how your conference call stacks up against those of several of your competitors. After you provide us with the names of up to three of your peer companies, we’ll identify some lessons to be learned from what they are doing or not doing.

Finally, we’ll give you our take on how conference calls have changed in recent years, what this means for you, and where we think conference calls are heading.

A confidential, written report will be submitted to you, and will include an executive summary.

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