One of Our Ongoing Assignments

Preparing clients for their analyst presentations is a regular assignment for The Ammerman Experience. For one client, our assignment comes prior to a major conference (invitation only) held every two years.
One such conference took place at one of the company’s research centers.

Several days before the event, we began working with the presenters. Four were top executives who would deliver their presentations to more than a hundred analysts in a small theater inside the facility. These would be formal presentations delivered from a lectern, so one of our objectives was to help them communicate effectively in this venue.

We also worked with five groups comprised of 2-5 of technical experts who would be stationed at various exhibits throughout the research center. A major objective in working with these groups was to assess their communication skills and help them deliver technical information and respond to questions in a non-technical manner. Two Ammerman staffers shared the responsibility for coaching these groups.

The final exercise was a dress rehearsal attended by more than a hundred employees of the center who served as the “analysts.” During the assignment, practices were recorded and critiqued.